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Marisa DeSalvio

Speciality ,

Marisa has never been afraid of a little adventure.

At age 22, Marisa packed up her bags and moved to the Middle East, specifically Doha, Qatar, and things were never the same again. She grew up in ways she never could have imagined and experienced the infamous Middle Eastern hospitality that led her into luxury travel planning (a girl can really get used to flying Qatar Airways and eating Ben&Jerry’s on the flight).

Marisa has no doubt that travel experiences build confidence and faith in oneself. She has hiked the Everest trail, swam with Great White Sharks, and soared over Cappadocia, Turkey in an air balloon named Titanic – all of which she never would had done without the confidence that travel gave her!

Marisa is over the moon excited that she gets to spend her days looking at fabulous travel locations and making her client’s travel dreams come true. She specifically is interested in planning city tours that focus on design and the cultural arts. When Marisa is not “oohing and ahhing” over hotels, she loves to catch the sunset from one of
D.C.’s many rooftop bars and loves to explore her quirky neighborhood for the best coffee and cupcakes.

What’s your strategy to overcoming jet lag?

I’m so lucky that I never get jet lagged! My secret is this: if you can, wait until after your flight to have your first meal and most importantly, hit the ground running once you get there! Another good trick is to book overnight flights: you’ll be more likely to sleep on the plane and when you wake up to a bright sunny morning, you’ll be ready for a day of exploring.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience may seem small, but changed my entire life. When I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I tried the sweet lychee fruit for the first time in a food market.

While this might seem like something ordinary, I had been a massively picky eater my entire life and by trying just one new thing, I realized there were a world of new foods to try. I knew I would never experience new countries and cultures in their fullest if I never tried their food and so I completely opened myself up to culinary experiences.

Favorite Travel Tip

Fabrics and textiles make perfect souvenirs - they show off the local craft of a culture and can easily fold up into your luggage!