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Tom Bartholomew

LocationNew York
Experience11 Years

Tom evolved from adventure to luxury travel, and now combines the best of both worlds for his clients.

From famous Michelin starred restaurants and private jets, to authentic street meat carts and jungle explorations, he’s always after the most unique experiences. Born and raised in the UK, Tom now calls New York home having lived in London, Manchester, Toronto and Vancouver.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

I’ve always been an aviation geek with a fascination of maps, explorers, hotels… essentially everything travel. Coming off my first big solo trip, it was clear that I’d found my calling. Time is our most precious commodity and at the end of it all, we only remember the experiences and the impactful human connections we’ve made. I love helping others discover their “why” in travel – that’s what drives me.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Witnessing real-life Planet Earth and seeing hundreds of water buffalo chaotically swirling trying to avoid a lion attack in the Serengeti. The thunderous rumble, the smell of the dust – it was a complete immersive experience I’ll never forget.

Favorite Travel Tip

Invest in some good noise cancelling headphones - they can offer tranquility or an escape when you need it the most!