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Valentin Sova

Experience3 Years

Valentin has always been a citizen of the world, growing up in a diplomatic family and living as an ex-pat for much of his life.

Originally from former Yugoslavia, Valentin’s entrepreneurial spirit relocated him to Brussels and then to Budapest, where he is now based.

With family and friends living in different parts of the world and business travel taking him around the globe, Valentin realized that the need for him to travel matched his passion for doing so, including to most European capitals and extensively throughout Central Europe.  Combining business trips with cultural and exploration visits, Valentin has also spent time in Istanbul, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Hanoi, and Singapore. His explorations have led him to realize that travel to remote destinations is as exciting as that to urban destinations, and that both types of trips can be relaxing if well planned.

When not traveling, Valentin enjoys playing golf and preparing creative gourmet meals for his family. Combining both golf and culinary experiences with travel is his favorite pastime. He has completed several courses at a top London professional cooking school to hone his cooking and wine pairing skills.