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Dorchester Collection's Helen Smith

Dorchester Collection hotels are icons in their own right with worldwide reputations as places offering the best and most sought-after experiences of good living, charm, elegance and service.

Now, we’ve had the pleasure to enjoy a #dcmoment with Helen Smith, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, to discuss how dorchester collection remains a top pick in a growing luxury market by curating the life of their hotels to their locale; creating an iconic, authentic and genuine brand.

We know that Dorchester Collection is a brand that deeply imbeds itself with the history and culture of its cities; what are three words that can prominently describe the Dorchester brand?

ICONIC:  Our landmark hotels are an intrinsic part of the communities they serve.  AUTHENTIC: The individuality of our hotels remains a key essence of our brand with their heritage being firmly embedded in their localities.  GENUINE: We are recognised for our genuine and attentive service, with our employees anticipating guests’ needs in a highly personalised way.

In comparison to larger brand hotel groups which have dozens of properties in their listings, how does Dorchester Collection keep itself as a well known and favorited brand in the luxury market?

We do this through a variety of means including advertising (watch out for our new campaign next year!), PR and social media, our digital presence, CRM and, of course, our regional sales offices play a crucial role. However, it’s word of mouth and our high repeat guest ratio that really make the difference.

With only 10 properties, all in major cities (1 being Hotel Eden in Rome which will be closed for [an exciting] restoration until Fall 2016) what’s next for Dorchester Collection expansion? You’ve made your mark on the West Coast with Hotel Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotel – can we expect anything on the East Coast? If not, where?

We would love to be in Manhattan as it would make it easier for our loyal guests to stay with our brand given the strategic importance of New York. Other cities we are targeting include Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston in the US, as well as key gateway cities in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

We were excited to announce recently our first branded residential project with property developer Clivedale, which is developing 18 luxury apartments adjacent to 45 Park Lane, London.  We will be servicing the apartments when they launch in 2018 and our guests at The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane will benefit from the swimming pool and gym.

Dorchester Collection has a very impressive presence on social media, specifically Instagram; what kind of story/image would you say you’re trying to tell, and how has this effected your brand?

We are delighted that our social media efforts have been recognised – thank you! Our vision with social media is to build the Dorchester Collection brand through compelling storytelling. We particularly encourage our guests to post with #DCmoments allowing for repurposing of content across different platforms to animate the brand. It’s important to not only build awareness of our hotels but also our destinations, providing travel inspiration, insights and luxury touch points.

All this being said, can we ask if you have a favorite from the Dorchester Collection or if that’s too difficult, you must have a favorite suite!

My favourite suite is 314.  I just cannot recall in which hotel….

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