Albert’s enthusiasm for travel began with his immersion into the hospitality industry in the early days of his career and deepened when he became a Luxury Travel Consultant with SmartFlyer.

With over a decade of proven exceptional service, Albert considers people and building relationships to be the core elements of his passion and motivation in the luxury travel space. He specializes in creating memorable experiences, a skill he honed during his time as Director of Sales at Forbes 5-star hotels. This background enabled him to travel the world, working hand-in hand with many high-level professionals developing an incredible amount of first-hand product knowledge in the luxury travel sector, as well as building relationships with key suppliers across the globe who ensure his visions are carried forward to provide the ultimate luxury travel experience.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

Growing up, I always experienced anxiety, mostly about exploring new experiences. If you would have told me at the age of fourteen that I would be traveling the world, I would have said you were crazy. However, reality is that traveling actually helped me conquer my fears and anxieties as I was able to open my mind and heart to new experiences and immerse myself into the different cultures and beautiful locations around the globe. This inspired me to want to share my experiences with others to allow them to see the world through my lens. I am also very proficient in negotiating group contracts and booking meeting and incentive trips for clients.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

I like to have my mornings open to enjoy a beautiful sunrise with a perfect cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast at my leisure. Then, my perfect vacation day would have me venturing out in the late morning on a private tour to truly experience the culture, history and surrounding beauty of the area. Ideally, I’d finish my night with a great local meal and a stroll just before catching an evening sunset.

Travel Tip

  • Always leave a little extra room in your suitcase for that one of a kind “must have” shirt you found just around the corner…