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Alison White

Experience 5 Years

As a child of the Caribbean, Alison grew up ready to jet beyond the sunny shores she called home.

In Alison’s former life, she worked in luxury hotels with a focus on entertainment and high-end leisure guests; so, there are few requests she can’t tackle with this background! She is extremely accustomed to working with clients who expect perfection, and Alison brings that same level of attention-to-detail to all the trips she plans.  Traveling with her own two young children gives Alison great insight in to all of the nuances in planning family travel, as well.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Alison’s honeymoon in Argentina was a trip that holds the title for best travel experience (so far!). She enjoyed every minute of Malbec tasting in Mendoza, hiking glaciers in Patagonia and learning to tango in Buenos Aires.

Which destinations / hotels do you go back to again and again? Why?

Growing up in Mandeville and Montego Bay, Jamaica, the island holds a special spot in Alison’s heart! Montego Bay is her family’s go-to vacation spot and is still as much home to Alison and her family as Atlanta is today. Alison encourages clients to immerse themselves in the culture of whatever destination they visit. There are amazing experiences beyond the walls of the resort!

Favorite Travel Tip

Step outside of your comfort zone! Whether it’s taking the suspension bridge in Costa Rica or ziplining in Hawaii, sometimes those experiences are the most memorable ones.


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