Allison Meltz

Westchester, NY - 4 Years of experience

With a passion for travel and unrivaled attention to detail, Allison creates unique and memorable travel experiences for her clients.

Allison traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe during her college years. After graduating from Emory University, her passion led her to roles at luxury lifestyle magazines including Town&Country and Town&Country Travel. This further fueled her interest in travel, providing Allison with knowledge of special destinations all over the world. Her friends would ask for her recommendations and she loved telling them everything she knew. It was only natural for Allison to eventually turn this into a career.

Allison often travels with her friends and family, so she knows firsthand the importance of getting the details right! She gets to know her clients, typically asking many questions upfront about their interests. Some clients just want to relax (she’ll recommend a fantastic destination with 5-star service), while others relish exploring new cities and learning about a culture (a hotel in a prime location, with a private guide to explore the city and find hidden gems). While recently in Paris with her daughter, they captured the true Parisian experience with a bespoke shopping tour and a private baking lesson with a local pastry chef. Allison knows that each client is different, and each itinerary must be tailored to fit the travelers.

What have been some of your most treasured trips to date?

My family loves to travel! We recently had memorable trips to Miami, New Orleans, and Yellowstone in Montana. In the cold New York winters, I prefer a tropical location – such as the luxurious beaches of Hawaii or the rich culture and stunning landscapes of Costa Rica and Belize. But my most treasured trips have been exploring new places in Europe. Greece is one of my personal favorites, last year I spent a few days touring Athens and then enjoyed the brilliant blue water and fun nightlife in the Greek islands!

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

My family and I are going to South Africa later this year. It will be the perfect mix of amazing food and culture in Cape Town and then a Safari to see the beautiful landscape and animals. It’s time to get planning on the packing now!