Amberlyn Abbott

Orlando - 3 Years of experience

Amberlyn’s goal is to create an itinerary so well-rounded, personalized, and distinctive that it is worthy of being added to (or straight from the pages of) her very own “bucket-list”.

Before Amberlyn got her start in the industry, she was first a SmartFlyer Travel Advisor’s client. As a result, she experienced what it’s like to be on the receiving end of, what feels like, an effortless travel planning process. She learned that her love for the planning process made her step to become a SmartFlyer agent a natural one! Through collaboration, she can now curate personalized itineraries and lend expertise through her own unique experiences. She looks forward to living vicariously through all her clients’ well-planned holidays.

Amberlyn’s personal four pillars of travel are family, photography, wine, and adventure. And you’ll absolutely find those themes woven into your next suggested itinerary. She’ll make sure to tell you where the most “Insta-worthy” spots are, activities for guests of all ages, the best local watering holes, and options to step you outside of your comfort zone. Her daughter, Vail, got her first passport stamp when she took her first-ever flight to Paris at seven months of age. So, Amberlyn can prepare families on how to navigate with a new passenger in tow.

Amberlyn shines with destinations that feature wine, mountain ranges, beaches, and/or family travel (think: Santa Barbara, Vail, “30A”, Grindelwald, Tuscany, and yes, even Disney). She also has a love affair with Europe and will jump at any excuse to daydream over a European itinerary. Regardless of the destination, her dedication to curating unforgettable experiences in every corner of the globe will be her signature for each booking. She aims to have each client leaving their travel destination feeling changed, recharged, and ready to book their next adventure.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

Greece and Croatia. We are hopeful to go in the summer of 2022. I am a sucker for amazing views, crystal-clear water, and destinations with a rich history and fabulous architecture. These two destinations feature all the above. I don’t think I have seen a photo from either location that doesn’t immediately spark wanderlust within me. I can’t wait to see Croatia’s waterfalls in person or enjoy some of that incredible Greek cuisine.

Perfect vacation day?

I like to have at least one scheduled event each day that I use to anchor the day around. Perhaps it’s something as big as an excursion or as little as a dinner reservation. From there, I allow spontaneity to creep in. I don’t like my days to be overly scheduled. My perfect vacation day begins with waking up sans alarm clock to a beautiful sunrise view. Then, I’ll grab a bite of the local cuisine, have a mix of adventure and relaxation. And finally, I’ll wind down the day with a glass of red wine.