Amie Schumacher

When crafting itineraries, Amie plans with her clients’ unique tastes and wants in mind, ensuring they leave their destination with memories that will last a lifetime.

Amie spent much of her time growing up in her family’s restaurant, observing – and learning from – her parents’ ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for every guest. Every detail, from the lighting to the presentation of the entrees and the personalized attention to loyal customers, contributed to her understanding of the multi-faceted art of hospitality.

These early childhood experiences became the foundation for Amie’s career in event planning and corporate development, focusing on nonprofit fundraising events. Whether planning sporting events for a few hundred attendees or orchestrating galas for thousands, her approach has always been the same. Success, she believes, hinges on thorough preparation, meticulous attention to detail, and the cultivation of valuable relationships.

Amie’s passion for travel – coupled with her talent for planning – naturally earned her the title of the go-to travel consultant among friends and family; they quickly discovered they could rely on her expertise for crafting unforgettable travel experiences. Soon, requests for all of her travel experiences – from her latest Italian itinerary to details about a recent reunion in Park City – started pouring in. Each inquiry presented a welcomed challenge, allowing Amie to personalize trips while incorporating the elements that made her own travel experiences stand out. Her transition to becoming a SmartFlyer travel advisor has been a natural one, allowing her to embrace the opportunity to extend her travel planning services to an even wider network of clients.

What has been your most memorable travel experience to date?

It’s hard to pick just one, but the Greek Islands tick all the boxes for me! The combination of the ocean, delicious fresh cuisine, rich culture, warm and welcoming locals, and a profound connection to my Greek heritage makes it an unparalleled destination for me personally. Stepping into an oceanside restaurant – where a bouzouki player is nestled in the corner and the aroma of oregano and basil wafts from the kitchen – instantly makes me feel right at home.

Which destinations or hotels do you go back to again and again? Why?

My fondest memories have always been made while traveling alongside family and friends, so my goal is to create the same moments for my children. Introducing them to the beauty of this world through travel and witnessing their excitement has fueled my passion even more. Four Seasons properties consistently deliver an experience the whole family can enjoy, incorporating unexpected surprises for children throughout your stay. When contemplating couples getaways, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts never disappoints. The level of service they provide makes you feel as if you are the only guest on the property.

Travel Tip

  • A well-balanced itinerary creates an ease that provides room to make unexpected memories along the way.