Amy Selling

New Jersey - 7 Years of experience

From as far back as Amy can remember, she was always on quest to find the latest and greatest.

At 10, she figured out where to buy Sandy’s leather pants from Grease. At 13, she begged her parents to take a car ride to Mystic, CT to try their famous pizza. At 15, she got a job at a local shoe store and encouraged the owner to invest in shoes that sold like hot cakes. At 17, she went off to Syracuse University, froze to death, transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology and began her career in the luxury fashion market. From the buying offices of Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren and Moschino to running the Burberry Women’s Showroom, Amy’s knowledge of the luxury market grew immensely.

After having two kids, and two businesses, Amy took pen to paper and started Lulu and Lattes. A lifestyle blog encompassing the latest and greatest of all life’s luxuries. As Amy began writing about her family trips, weekend getaways, girls weekends, the inquiries from her followers about where to stay, eat, shop in various parts of the world, began to pour in. Amy decided it was time to join forces with Smart Flyer in NYC and create Lulu and Lattes Travel. Amy soon realized this was her calling. Nothing makes Amy happier than having a client come back from a trip telling her the hotel was the right pick, the restaurant suggestions were spot on and the little boutique nobody knew about was the best find!