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Angie Smith

Experience6 Years

After working for one of the largest US financial institutions as a Certified Financial Planner® for over 10 years, Angie stepped away from monitoring the stock market to raise her 2 young adventurers. She then decided she was ready to jump back in and decided to pursue one of her biggest passions…travel!

Angie was an International Business and French major in college and the minute she arrived in Paris to study for a semester, she caught the travel bug! This adventurous spirit never dissipated, and for numerous vacations over the years, she sought the guidance of her favorite travel advisor, Laura Epstein. When she caught word in 2015 that the Laura Epstein Travel Team was growing, Angie eagerly joined to help create all the wonderful details that make client’s vacation unforgettable! Whether it’s orchestrating a helicopter tour through vineyards in Tuscany to taste delicious Brunello wines, planning a special menu for a dinner on the beach in Bora Bora or simply arranging a private transfer, Angie loves hearing about a client’s vacation dreams and then helping to put them into action. Since planning all of the little details for a vacation can take weeks for a client, Angie manages all of the behind the scenes details that go in to perfecting an itinerary.

Angie’s favorite travel memories include: honeymooning in Paris, kayaking through the Loire Valley, dogsledding in Whistler, climbing windmills with her children in the Netherlands, boating around Capri while sipping prosecco, experiencing the powerful history of the D-Day beaches in Normandy and, of course, relaxing in Napa Valley.

Favorite Travel Tip

Carve out time for vacation with your family and friends. It’s a big, beautiful world out there and you’ll never regret exploring it with your loved ones!