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Anna Sperato

LocationSt. Louis
Speciality ,

Anna did not realize how much World was really out there until she made her way to Alaska to work aboard a cruise ship.

This venture eventually turned into 10 years working in the travel industry. Anna began planning and escorting luxury group travel which sent her on African safaris, Egyptian deserts, European and Russian riverboats, Machu Picchu and Galapagos adventures, Asian tastes and cultures, Clear waters, sun and sand of Mexico and Caribbean and much more.

With a hiatus taken to raise 2 boys, she always knew travel was her fate and would return to it one day. Her most recent trip to Thailand sparked that travel bug once again. Now, here she is, booking travel to places she loved visiting years ago and places she’s dreaming of visiting in the years to come.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My favorite travel memory was on my most recent trip to Thailand, my friend and I decided to forgo the tour and went to explore on our own. We ended up finding 2 guys with a boat who took us to a beautiful snorkeling spot . It was unplanned, unpredicted and extremely memorable.

How do you prepare for trips?

Make a list. Always keep the list with you and as you think of things, jot them down and when that task is completed, cross it off. The morning of your trip check your list one last time; seeing an empty list will help you begin your adventure stress-free.

Favorite Travel Tip

Always allow for downtime and try to incorporate relaxation with adventure into each destination. Sometimes it's those unplanned moments that become your most memorable.