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Ashley Melchiorre

LocationNew York
Experience6 Years
Speciality ,
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Ashley has always had an imagination built for adventure and a strong affinity for the world around her.

Her quizzical attention to detail comes naturally with a background (and passion) in writing and a history of working in luxury hospitality. She’s enjoyed touching parts of the globe as frequently as she can but will always be fond of her very first trip out of the country to Mexico at five years old where she remembers the feel of scolding hot sand under her feet and her brother monkeying up a tree so she could have her very own coconut (where she also had her first run-in with customs, no foreign coconuts allowed!).

As a lover of people, culture and everything in-between, Ashley feels as though the stars aligned the day she took on her position as Affiliates & Partnerships Manager for SmartFlyer where she works with suppliers and agents to make sure everyone experiences a seamless process when making clients’ travel dreams come true.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

For me, it’s a day with absolutely nothing and everything to do at the same time. I like “going where the wind takes me” so if I’m at a beach location, a perfect day is catching lots of sun and playing in the water. If I’m in a city then the day is spent on foot exploring all things local and letting the streets guide me around at their will.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

I’d love to explore everything exotic, but Bali is at the top of my list. I mean, it’s called the Island of the Gods and I’m dying to find out why.

I also really want to get to know the South of Italy, not only does it have the appeal of being blissfully lackadaisical, but it’s where my family is from, so I feel it’s only right I spend some good time there.

Favorite Travel Tip

Leave time in your itinerary to wander, my favorite part of every trip is the moments that happen when nothing is planned.


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