With a passion for helping people plan their dream vacations, Betsy treats each one as if it were her very own during the meticulous trip planning process.

After graduating from NYU Law School, Betsy practiced law before becoming a legal recruiter helping to place attorneys in legal departments of Fortune 500 companies. This work afforded her the opportunity to meet people from all over the country stemming from many walks of life. She loved hearing about prospective candidates’ backgrounds, motivations, and career goals. In fact, it was this immersion into the legal profession that was invaluable in teaching her the nuances of client services, further sharpening Betsy’s already attuned attention to detail.

Despite her background in law, Betsy has always loved planning events, dinners, trips; what began as a hobby giving guidance on trips for her friends and larger groups eventually flourished into a career change. Betsy become a Virtuoso Travel Advisor in 2017 and hasn’t looked back since! She thrives when helping people turn their dream trips into reality. Her planning process is rooted in spending time discussing options, giving vetted suggestions, and helping clients narrow down what is going to make them most fulfilled. Every single trip looks different, which is something about the job that Betsy absolutely loves.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience was landing in St. Barths for the first time. I had heard so much about it before I went – it was such a unique feeling to land and be stepped into the culture and cuisine of this French island. Despite being only a three-hour flight from my home in New York, it felt as if we were across the Atlantic in Europe! From the second I stepped off the plane, I was so happy to breathe in the Caribbean air and eat lunch and dinner with my toes in the sand. The energy and vibe of the island are so distinct – I still feel the same element of being transported to another world whenever I visit.

Which destination do you go back to again and again?

I would visit Italy again and again–there are countless resorts and cities with so much to explore and do! Each region is so unique and has its own character and style. I love the history combined with nightlife, delicious food, and picturesque sights. My favorite place is Capri–when you are there, like St. Barths, it feels like you are transported to another world in another era. My favorite thing to do is have drinks at sunset on the steps of the Quisisana Hotel and people-watch before walking to a delectable dinner in town.

Travel Tip

  • Part of the fun of traveling is the planning process beforehand–read up on your destination, and talk to others who have visited in addition to consulting your travel advisor. Plus, I always connect my clients with concierges at the hotels where they are staying to ensure they get the best local dining recommendations and beyond.