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Brianna Feo

Experience4 Years

By being inspired by travel herself, Brianna aims to inspire others to explore the world around them.

After graduating from university, Brianna’s creative spirit led to the start of a career in fashion and design. Launching her own clothing line, she grew an idea that started in her apartment into a global brand. Through the journey starting the business, Brianna was fortunate enough to see different parts of the world; whether it was a big city for meetings or a remote corner of the globe she visited while seeking inspiration, Brianna fell more in love with travel with each trip. So, her when her exit from the fashion industry coincided with getting married, months of globetrotting as newlyweds seemed like a natural evolution.

With a seemingly never-ending honeymoon, an inquisitive explorer was sparked within Brianna as she was constantly seeking out moments to expand her worldview. She became passionate about connecting with communities, be it global or local, which became the driving force in her desire to craft personalized itineraries on behalf of clients. As a travel advisor specializing in Africa, Brianna has a knack for identifying what is unique and authentic about a destination and weaves that through every moment of her guests’ journey.

Favorite Travel Tip

Be open minded and chat with everyone while on vacation; some of your best friends in life may have started as strangers you met while traveling!


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