Bridget Borman

2 Years of experience

Bridget’s tenacious market research combined with her belief that no detail is too small to be overlooked, serve as the basis for her thorough and thoughtful approach to crafting memorable itineraries for her clients.

Bridget’s passion for travel is rooted in a lifetime of diverse international experiences. She attributes her resilient and adaptable approach to her childhood spent in Tokyo, as well as living across eight other cities before she started high school. Her ever-changing lifestyle is the foundation for Bridget’s deep rooted  love of travel. From the Great Wall of China to the beaches of Bali, Bridget visited most of Asia before she had a driver’s license.

Following college, Bridget spent a summer traveling around Europe before settling in New York where she began a career in fashion. Fortunately, she was able to merge her love for fashion and travel with factory visits in Asia, as well as frequent inspiration trips to top European cities such as Paris and London, and beach towns like Saint Tropez and Ibiza. Bridget’s ability to forecast trends, research the next up-and-coming destination, and curiosity to learn has kept her at the forefront of travel planning–something that has become second nature to her.

The unique combination of Bridget’s personal and professional experiences drives her profound desire to be at the leading edge of travel. With an exhaustive approach to research, Bridget’s clients benefit from her ever-growing knowledge base, her endless rolodex of ideas, and her deep understanding of how to make each experience tailored to her specific client. Leveraging this knowledge, Bridget is able to guide her clients to their next adventure with a meticulous approach to ensure every last detail is considered.

What has been your most memorable travel experience to date?

One year, on my birthday, I planned a trip to visit different cities and islands across Thailand. I found such fulfillment in the planning component that once I started, I couldn’t stop. I ended up doing months of research to ensure that I experienced both traditional tourist sites, and local attractions. One of the more unique experiences was taking my first-ever Muay Thai lesson, which was made even more memorable when we watched a professional match with local fighters later that evening. I knew I had to visit an elephant sanctuary when I found it in my research. It was incredible to witness the passion and work that goes into rescuing these majestic animals and rehabilitating them back to their indigenous habitats. Naturally, to end the trip, I also spent a day or two on the white sand beaches indulging in my favorite beachside drink: a freshly cracked coconut!

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting?

As an animal lover, adventurer, and supporter of wildlife conservation, an African safari is definitely at the top of my list! I have always dreamed of witnessing the Great Migration and would enjoy immersing myself in the unique cultures and attributes that make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

That being said, the Maldives are a very close second. I enjoy any opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters with wildlife, from tropical fish to stingrays and even sharks. The ocean makes me feel a certain kind of peace I can’t describe.

Travel Tip

  • Do as the locals do! Experiencing a destination and culture through the lens of someone with local knowledge is a great way to learn and understand an area. Also, don’t be shy–socialize with other guests! Some of my most unforgettable trips are those where I was able to share the joy of new experiences with new friends.