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Carli Fernandez

Experience6 Years

For Carli, travel is more than just a vacation, but a love language.

There’s nothing more special to Carli than helping travelers see a new place, try a new cuisine or feel their way around an exotic new location. To her, nothing beats when you feel fully alive and present with the ones you love; and she believes travel is the best way to have that experience. She loves starting the process of working with clients by planning honeymoons and getting to know them even more in-depth by planning future anniversaries, babymoons and ultimately, their family trips.

Which destinations do you go back to again and again? Why?

I would go back to Italy again and again. I’ve visited twice and know that I haven’t even scratched the surface of the diverse regions, cuisines, history and activities this country has to offer.

What does you perfect vacation day look like?

Life with a career and a family is non-stop, so my perfect vacation will always incorporate a lot of down time. Whether than means laying in the sun, spa treatments or quiet time reading a book with a drink in hand. But I love to explore, too, and am known to set up a city tour during my first day in a new destination to hit the highlights. Then, I set aside a portion of the trip to just wander and be present.

Favorite Travel Tip

I always keep an eye on my airline seat assignments until the moment before travel. Whether it's a crazy discounted upgrade or just moving up closer to the front of the plane, I've had a lot of luck getting better seats in the day or two before a flight leaves! Download the airline app so you can check on-the-go.