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Carly Frances Davis

Experience 4 Years

Carly sees the world as a place with incredible people and travel as the method to get to know them. She believes the best way to understand others is to step out and experience their space.

Carly has always had an eye for creating beautiful images and content.  Carly’s creative vision is inspired by her personal travels and places she wants to see. She loves the thrill that traveling to a new place can bring, and seeks to invoke that same curiosity for clients with any creative project she works on. For Carly, travel serves as research and inspiration.

In her early career as a wardrobe stylist, Carly loved curating fashion choices for her clients that were exciting and fresh. Always aiming to replicate the delight of experiencing something new, Carly continued to draw on her personal experiences traveling as she worked with a ready-to-wear fashion designer. In this role, her passion for travel and fashion came together as she also planned all travel for the company. Here, she honed her talent for curating and executing well thought-out itineraries.

Carly, a native Texan, establishes personal relationships with each of her clients. This allows her to make recommendations tailored to each person’s specific interests. No request will go unanswered as she insists on making your travel stress free.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

Living in a small town in Texas, I dreamed big growing up. I was lucky enough to travel at a young age, which shaped me as a person and made me curious to know what else the world has to offer. I make travel accessible and impactful for others who want to see the world as well.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

Waking up super early. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee and room service on the terrace. Soaking in the peace and quiet. After recharging, exploring wherever I am to the fullest.

Favorite Travel Tip

Slow down and unplug from everything back home. Utilize this time to engage in activities that you wouldn’t normally get to pursue otherwise. See what lifetime memories are in store.


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