Chloe Pagliaro


Employing her eye for detail and astute tastes, Chloe crafts unique travel experiences for her clients that infuse each adventure with the essence of la dolce vita.

Travel was a central theme in Chloe’s childhood, evolving into a decade-long adventure of jet-setting to the world’s most sought-after destinations. During Chloe’s time working as an Executive Assistant to a famous model and influencer, she realized her true calling was travel; her first forays into the industry involved planning trips with extraordinary touches.

As a SmartFlyer travel advisor, Chloe relies on her innate love of planning and attention to detail when tailor-making itineraries for her clients. Her clients have come to expect nothing less than seamless, personalised, and unforgettable journeys, wherever their wanderlust may take them. To her, travel is more than a profession; it’s a heartfelt pursuit of creating treasured memories. Whether orchestrating family holidays, planning romantic getaways, or organising milestone celebrations, Chloe’s touch elevates every experience.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

It’s all about maximum relaxation for me! I like to start my day with a gym session or with a run – unless I’m in the snow. In that case, I will try to get outside because there’s something magical about exploring a powder-covered city by foot. Breakfast is a leisurely affair, followed by some beach or pool time to soak up the rays and enjoy a refreshing swim. I’ll freshen up before heading to a late, leisurely lunch, preferably by the seaside with some delicious food (Vongole, if possible) and good vino! And of course, always in good company. 

Which destinations or hotels do you go back to again and again? Why?

Italy holds a special place in my heart. I recently had an encounter with a psychic who sensed a strong ancestral connection to Italy, which made so much sense to me. I used to be fluent in the language, so every visit feels like a homecoming. Call me biased, but in my opinion, Italy boasts the world’s finest cuisine and wine, and its diverse offerings ensure there’s never a dull moment! Whether it’s the Dolomites for a charming ski holiday, the rustic charm of Tuscany for a countryside retreat, or the pristine beaches of Sardinia for an island escape – Italy truly has it all!

Travel Tip

  • Always pack a complete spare outfit in your carry-on!