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Christin McKay

Experience1 Years
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Summers spent abroad sparked Christin’s desire to see everything the world has to offer.

At a young age, Christin began accompanying her family on business trips across the globe, falling in love with the different details that make each hotel and city unique. Living in Hong Kong further sparked her curiosity in the world and desire to share her knowledge of travel and culture with family and friends. Following Hong Kong, she continued to travel the world while living in Colorado, New York City, and Saint Louis, Missouri before finally settling down in Naples, Florida. After having kids, her ability to constantly travel changed but her desire to share her knowledge only grew as she found herself always searching for different dream destinations. Currently living in her own personal dream destination, Christin looks forward to helping others make memories that last a lifetime.

Christin’s travels have taken her to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Macao, England, France, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Anguilla, Antigua, St.Kitts, Jamaica, St.Barths, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, and all over the United States. The Greek Isles are next up on the bucket list!

Which destinations do you go back to?

I find myself always returning to the Four Seasons in Paradise Island, Bahamas. I originally traveled there for a wedding and fell in love with the beautiful imported Gardens and Ocean Views. A recent upgrade has added an infinity pool overlooking the ocean and full room renovations. A short shuttle to Atlantis provides great restaurants and entertainment while the Four Seasons still feels like a private slice of paradise. And anywhere with a hammock overlooking the ocean and palm trees is tough to beat!

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

My perfect vacation day begins with coffee and breakfast on a balcony overlooking the ocean. I am an avid reader and love to spend my day by the pool with a great book, long lunch, and afternoon nap in the shade. All followed by getting dressed up for a nice dinner of the local specialty.

Favorite Travel Tip

If it’s a long trip, splurge on the airfare upgrade! Airline travel continues to become more difficult but the advantages of quick check in, extra legroom, and in-flight amenities make the experience so much more enjoyable!


2019 SmartFlyer Rising Star