Christy Payne

9 Years of experience

Christy fell in love with travel at the age of eighteen, living with a family in Belgium during a study abroad program and she has traveled extensively ever since.

She has parlayed her passion for travel into the most amazing career – helping others create lifetime memories.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Christy spent 10 years in private banking working with clients ROI before transferring those skills to helping her clients increase their ROL (Return on Life!).  Now, she shares her passion for travel with her clients.  She takes great pride in building highly customized travel experiences that are unique to her clients personal tastes and styles.

Christy is a firm believer that destinations don’t have to be exotic to be extraordinary.  Where do you dream of going? Christy will be pleased to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel Tip

  • Before I leave home, I like to have small bills in the local currency so you can be ready for tipping.