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Courtney Lemmon

Experience2 Years
Speciality ,

Courtney Lemmon believes that everyone deserves a vacation—and that a true vacation starts
with a stress-free planning process.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she started turning to travel as a way to unwind and practice self-care. Soon, she became passionate about finding the newest places, exploring the unknown, and unwinding with adventure. As family and friends flocked to California for visits, Courtney found herself spending hours creating city guides, listing hotel recommendations, and winery tastings to help them experience California at it’s finest. It became not only a hobby but a passion that has set her on a trajectory for a second career as a travel advisor.

Courtney specializes first and foremost in her clients; in caring for them, knowing their needs before they do, and helping them envision and plan their perfect getaway. Beyond that she specializes in Northern California, as well as Hawaii and Mexico. As a Mom, Courtney is also passionate about booking family travel, and knows how to ensure each family member is comfortable and cared for.

What places are you looking forward to visiting?

Calistoga Ranch. It’s on my local bucket-list, as it’s known for being set apart from the other
Napa-area hotels. Their claim is that nature is their primary amenity. Merge that with the luxury
standard behind the Auberge brand, and what else could you want from a hotel?

Favorite Travel Tip

Unplug from technology, and try something new. Whether it’s cuisine, adventure, or forcing yourself to slow down, use vacation as a time to stretch yourself.