Denise Zimmerman


Combining her sense of style, interest in unique experiences, and attention to detail, Denise curates high-end, bespoke itineraries for her clients.

Prior to starting her career in travel, Denise worked as a client services executive in the advertising and marketing industry. Her background as a LikeToKnow.it social media influencer with a focus on fashion, food, and travel helped her to hone her taste-making sensibilities. It was a natural evolution for Denise to combine her pulse on assessing clients’ needs with her discerning sense of style when she  embarked on a career as a travel advisor.

Denise’s personal travel ranges from beach vacays to mountain retreats. Whether she’s discovering a new-to-her destination or returning to an old favorite, there are pillars to her trips that often overlap with the itineraries she designs for clients; squeezing in physical activity, having unique dining experiences, enjoying live music, and learning about different cultures are the critical elements to a fully immersive adventure in Denise’s eyes.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

The key to an ideal vacation day for me is balance–I strive to find a mix of activities that allow me to relax and recharge while also making the most of my time in a new place. My touch points for any trip are relaxation, adventure, local food, cultural experiences, and quality time with whoever I’m traveling with. I typically like to have some light activity or adventure in the morning, followed by a casual lunch. After lunch, I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon exploring local museums, points of interest, or artisan shops. Before dinner, I’ll  relax either on the beach or at the pool–maybe get in a spa treatment or two–or even take a nap! Dinner would be at a top-rated restaurant or local favorite eatery before ending the evening with a nightcap at a venue for some live music to lull me into a sound night’s sleep.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting?

So many! My ideal schedule would be built around going somewhere I’ve never been at least once a quarter. Generally, I’m happy to travel anywhere I can have my toes in the sand, and swim in crystal blue waters, but my bigger bucket list trips would take me further afield. Currently, the list includes Iceland, Morocco, and an African safari. In colorful Morocco, I’d be sure to see Marrakech, spend a few days in the Agafay Desert, and of course, visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. There are also some beautiful beaches and hikes I’d love to explore while in Northern Africa.  Further east or south in the continent, it would be a dream to go on a Kenya, Tanzania, or South Africa safari. I’m keen to see some of the lodges  that have made an interior design shift to a more modern aesthetic celebrating the region’s people, cultural expressions, and surroundings all while helping uplift communities, aid conservation efforts, and empower local craftsmen.


Travel Tip

  • Pack a carry-on with at least one day of essentials, take a lot of pictures, and remember that the best part of any trip will be the memories you make along the way.