Didi Johnson

15 Years of experience

Having produced television commercials, non-profit documentaries and “Made For TV” movies in her past life, Didi is passionate about producing meaningful vacations and travel experiences.

Opportunities for memorable experiences is important. Travel experiences open the mind; what better gift for the next generation?

Didi plans itineraries that include seeing beyond the destination and into the lives of its residents. This is a powerful means of understanding different cultures. Adventure travel is another way to experience a destination that is empowering and impactful. Didi looks forward to creating these experiences for her private clientele!

Didi is an Accredited Space Agent (ASA) with Virgin Galactic… aka Space Cadet! VSS Unity is moving through her flight test program and it is wonderful seeing her progress towards the ultimate goal – to open up space to change the world for good. When commercial flights begin, she hopes to serve the customers who are dreaming of suborbital space travel!

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

I was raised in the states yet my parents were both ex pats for many years.  They met in Dharan, Saudi Arabia in 1954 where Dad was working for AMEX and Mom who was with Aramco.   Early family travel and their stories of living overseas have inspired me from day one.   I am Mom to 3 young adults.  I am most proud of these amazing global citizens and of my 25 year marriage to Pete.  I was working on a commercial when we met in Telluride, CO.  We raised our kids in the mountains until they entered middle school.   For a variety of reasons, we ended up in Phoenix to finish their schooling.  I sought out a career in travel planning and this has been my most empowering life decision to date.  I started a business where I love what I do EVERY DAY.  We were blessed to keep our house in the mountains and escape the hot summers which really inspired the adventurers in each of us. From via ferrata to summitting 14,000’ peaks, to riding centuries, we love the out of doors.

What destinations are on your bucket list?

Walking Trek in Bhutan to visit the monasteries and fortresses; meet the people and experience the culture.  Antarctica as there is no other place like it. I have loved Emperor Penguins since childhood and to see them in person would be amazing.

Travel Tip

  • Ask your travel advisor to plan some unstructured time in your itinerary. Take a walk and get lost!! Follow your nose to a restaurant that wasn’t recommended to you!! When an unexpected opportunity arises, just say yes. Your guide may offer something not on your itinerary and out of the ordinary, be impulsive and go along as they know best. Try something new and accept the kindness of new cultures. These opportunities will result in the best and most meaningful memories.