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Elisa Baldo

Experience1 Years

Feeling homesick for a place I have never been.

Born and raised in Italy and subsequently spending a year as a high school student in the United States, I have an insatiable craving for discovering the unknown. As I became a luxury hospitality professional, I continued traveling throughout Italy and abroad in order to entertain my international guests with ever-growing open-mindedness, vivid curiosity and welcoming soul.

What’s your strategy to overcoming jet lag?

If it’s not too late when I arrive in a destination, I take a twenty to thirty-minute walk outdoors in the fresh air, followed by a light workout in the hotel gym or in my room. This “fit arrival ritual” helps me fighting the rigors of jet-lag! As additional contemporary tips, I strongly suggest where available to hop into a reinvigorating 4-minute cryosauna session or an anti-Jet leg massage at the spa.

Which destinations do you go back to again and again? Why?

My golden rule when it comes to plan a trip is “never go back to the same place”… unless it is the Amalfi Coast!

Favorite Travel Tip

No matter where you visit, look for those must-do experiences or exquisitely local activities for a full immersion into the local culture.