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Elisa Brown

Experience4 Years

Elisa Brown is a modern-day travel agent, avid writer, and passionate entrepreneur.

After a career in Sales and Business Development servicing high-net-worth clients, she decided to turn her passion for travel into a full-time business. Elisa travels the world extensively, testing out the waters so clients can flawlessly jump right in; this past year, she took 86 flights and scouted 16 destinations across 5 continents as a part of this vetting process. Elisa creates highly personalized and detailed itineraries and feels honored to play a part in creating once-in-a-lifetime journeys and unforgettable memories for her high-end clientele.

Elisa’s travels and writing have appeared across print and online publications, most recently in Fairfield Magazine and on The Select 7. She has also been tapped as a guest lecturer at The Fairfield University Charles Dolan School of Business. Elisa currently resides in Fairfield County (CT) with her three teenage children and her perfect golden doodle Sadie.

Which destinations do you return to again and again? Why?

I am typically a “one and done” type of traveler when it comes to destinations as the world is vast and there are still so many places on my list to explore. That being said, I am a city girl at heart and find that there is never enough time in London, Paris, or Florence. All three cities have incredible hotels, food and wine, museums, and next-level people watching. Whenever I stay in a city, I always prefer to stay at a hotel that feels more like the home of my chic relative; our scouting days are non-stop and incredibly intense so there is something so comforting about “coming home” at the end of long day where the staff knows you by name, the bartender knows your drink of choice and everything one could need is within the hotel walls. I love La Réserve Paris, Brown’s Hotel in London and J.K. Firenze for these reasons. They all have an authenticity to their roots, flawless service, and feel more like my home away from home than a hotel.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience was my trip to New Zealand in 2019. I flew across the world and back in eight days, covering what would be three weeks’ worth of travel for my clients in just six days thanks to chartered flights and helicopters. While every aspect of the trip was special, spending the day vineyard hopping in Hawke’s Bay via helicopter and flying over Milford Sound’s lakes and waterfalls only to land on a glacier for wine and cheese was pretty epic and will be a hard one to top.

Favorite Travel Tip

I fly all the time and have mastered the art of packing a carry-on. I cannot recall the last time I checked a bag. Think of your plane outfit as part of the entire look for the trip and go from there. Wear fashionable comfy clothes that can easily interchange with other key pieces to create multiple outfits. Keep your documents organized in a STOW travel case which can also be used as a clutch, bring a beautiful scarf, and always have a great serum, moisturizer and lipgloss so you arrive fresh when you get off the plane.