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Elisa Hazlewood

Experience2 Years

Growing up on the East Coast, Elisa spent childhood summers between the Jersey Shore and Lake Minnetonka, but recently landed in Southern California. From Seattle to San Francisco, L.A. to the OC and San Diego to Los Cabos, her adventures continue today.

Elisa has traveled her entire life and continues to explore new destinations today with her husband and family. After getting married at the One&Only in the Bahamas, she and her husband honeymooned in Amalfi and Rome. Their favorite short trips include heading up to Tahoe, Napa or over to Vegas for a weekend excursion; but her dream vacay would involve a weekend in NYC before heading to Europe. Tokyo is next on her family’s list.

As a travel advisor, Elisa specializes in everything from memorable and fascinating family vacations to dreamy couples getaways. She sends her clients on vacations as if that trip was the one and only getaway that they would ever take. Meaning, she wants her clients to get the very most out of where they go by arranging activities and experiences that revolve around what they are most passionate about, hopefully awaking new interests along the way.

What’s your strategy to overcome jet lag?

Stay up! Acclimate to the time zone you are in, not the one you traveled from.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

A huge goal for me as a mom is to show my boys as much of the world as I possibly can. I’ve been planning detailed trips for our family and forwarding my itineraries to friends for the last few years. Finally, I felt like it was time for me expand and orchestrate more memories and increase the impact I can make on others’ travels!

Favorite Travel Tip

It's always best to be proactive with all things related to travel; this extends beyond just flights and hotels, but includes packing. Never wait until the last-minute!