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Erina Pindar

LocationNew York
Experience13 Years
Speciality , ,

Erina combines a rich multicultural background with an enthusiasm for discovering the best new places first.

Erina Pindar is the ultimate brand ambassador and visionary leader of SmartFlyer, having built the forward-thinking agency into a global force.  Erina’s holistic view of branding, social media, and the travel industry paired with her deep understanding of the luxury lifestyle and the agency space, has propelled SmartFlyer into one of the most respected agencies in the industry.

With more than a decade of experience, Erina lays the groundwork for the overall SmartFlyer experience. She oversees the agency’s industry-leading Affiliate Program and lead its expansion throughout the States, and its latest expansion into Australia.

On the marketing and branding front, Erina developed SmartFlyer’s brand vision and voice.  She oversaw the agency’s encompassing 2010 rebrand, as well as its constant visibility campaign. She also manages business development initiatives from acquisitions and expansions to strategic partnerships.

A big advocate of client experience from start to finish, Erina is a hands-on travel advisor and designs custom itineraries for the agency’s top-level clients.  Raised traveling the globe, she approaches travel design with a combination of rich multicultural background with an enthusiasm for discovering the best new places first.

Favorite Travel Tip

Slow down, travel isn't about ticking boxes. For me, luxury is the opportunity to explore a destination intimately and finding hidden gems along the way. Also, bring a scarf, it doubles as accessories and something to wrap up in on the plane!


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