Grace Baker

4 Years of experience

A deep-rooted love of travel coupled with a passion for food and wine has fueled Grace’s desire to curate custom experiences for her clients as she shares her expertise and trusted recommendations.

Grace’s passion for travel started very early as she spent each summer traveling to a new destination with her family visiting places like Oregon, Montana and Canada to name a few. As she grew older, they ventured overseas to explore places like Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, Curacao, and Australia. As an adult, Grace and her husband were expats in Switzerland and began gaining confidence in traveling with their own children. With a Western Europe launching point, they traveled to dozens of countries together before relocating to Houston where their family now resides. Grace has hiked, been on trains, planes, boats, gondolas, and even horses seeking out the best that each region has to offer in food, drink, and adventures.

Whether it’s pintxos in San Sebastian, watching SchwingFest in Zug, riding a tuk-tuk in Koh Tao, an Aperol Spritz on the Amalfi Coast, sampling crepes in Tokyo, Poffertjes in Amsterdam, or dancing to Irish music in a pub in Killarney, she knows the value of first-hand exploration. Travel can be intimidating, but it’s Grace’s philosophy that the more you travel, the more confident you become. Her own experiences allow her to provide guidance to her clients as they explore spots aligned with their unique travel objectives. Grace’s customized approach ensures that off-the-beaten-path experiences are always a part of her recommendation process.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience was traveling to the U.K. with my entire family! Watching the kids run the fairways of St. Andrew’s and seeing my dad’s grin standing on the Swilken Bridge is a memory I will never forget.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

I’m looking forward to taking an extended family vacation to South Africa next year. We have plans for safaris, hikes, and of course lots of food and wine! Another trip I’m planning further north in Africa is hiking Kilimanjaro.

Travel Tip

  • Know at least a few restaurants where you’d like to eat when you’re traveling, and entrust your travel advisor to help make reservations! Many places have limited seating, and you don’t want to waste too much time bouncing around to different restaurants when you’re hungry. Once you do find a restaurant, be sure to try the local specialities, including the wine. And no phones during meals!