Helen Pappas

Port Washington - 6 Years of experience

Travel is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

A first-generation, Greek-American living in New York, Helen developed a love of travel at a very young age and learned that your world is shaped by where you go, who you meet and how you embrace different cultures and communities.

Her parents not only instilled in her a strong work ethic but through their extensive travels to Greece, taught her to appreciate all the diversity their homeland had to offer.

From the lush mountains of the Peloponnese to the vivid shorelines of the Aegean isles, Helen began to identify with the scents, cuisine and feelings indigenous to each area.

This wanderlust and appetite for culture didn’t end in Greece. Though she worked in the federal justice system focusing on research and operations for 25 years, she continued to travel abroad with every free opportunity that presented itself and used her passion, research and organizational skills to plan memorable trips for her friends and family. Taking her strongest skills of research and organization and combining them with her devotion to travel, it was a natural progression for Helen to transition into a profession as a travel advisor.

For Helen, travel is not a luxury, but a necessity: one that can broaden the mind, humble your spirit, and relax your body and soul. Her most meaningful holidays have been witnessing the looks on her children’s faces as they experience a new destination, sample an exotic cuisine or that incredible look, equal parts fear and elation, as they try something they have never tried before. As they become comfortable in their new environment, they begin to relax and a true sense of contentment washes over them. It is this excitement, experimentation and feeling of gratitude and happiness that Helen will bring to your travel experiences.

Whether it be a relaxing excursion designed to escape your working life or an elaborate expedition to expand your horizons, Helen will design the perfect trip for you and your family.

Which destinations/hotels do you go back to again and again? Why?

Answer your two questions from above, here:: I always go back to Greece and Italy. I grew up spending my summers in Greece and then one day discovered the wonder of Italy and how similar yet very different it was. The culture, history and food of these 2 destinations has captured my heart and mesmerized me. No matter how many times I go back there is a new spot to discover, a new flavor to taste and a new experience to be had. It reminds me how as far as we have come today, we are a product of our beginnings.

What does you perfect vacation day look like?

My perfect vacation day begins with an early morning walk on a beach or stroll to a local cafe for strong coffee. It then continues with just the right balance of exploration and relaxation. I want to visit a monastery built centuries ago on a cliff and then swim in a turquoise ocean before having a meal that I can only have in that particular destination.