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Jen Dienst

Experience2 Years

Jen’s love of travel began in high school, when she spent a month exploring Europe and two weeks living as an exchange student in Germany.

Since then, Jen has traveled to nearly forty countries, including spending almost two years living in cities across Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America. She’s also called Florida and New York City home, and currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina. When she’s not planning trips, you can find Jen at the beach, cooking, catching a concert, playing with her camera or practicing yoga as she recently completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

Before starting Row33 Travel Co., I worked as a writer for travel-focused outlets like Travel + Leisure, Southern Living, Roads + Kingdoms,, PCMA Convene, and inflight magazines for United and British Airways. I spent a lot of time traveling for assignments, and from that my love of travel evolved to a place where I wanted to spend more time helping people see the world. I see travel as an adventure — because it is! — and it’s my job to provide them with the framework for that adventure, and to make it as seamless and pleasureful as possible. I believe that luxury travel is more than just beautiful hotels (although I love those too!) — it’s about intelligent planning and experiences that immerse travelers more deeply into a place or culture.

What was your most memorable travel experience?

There are so many! But I think my favorite has to be the six weeks I spent exploring Patagonia. It’s such a vast, remote place, so even six weeks didn’t feel like enough. The landscape and wildlife are just incredible — the glaciers, the dramatic peaks of Torres del Paine and El Chalten, the adorable penguins. You feel truly in awe of nature’s power there.

Favorite Travel Tip

Google Maps is the best tool, ever. Before my clients leave for a trip, I like to send a personalized Google Map marked with their hotel along with recommended restaurants, museums, shops, or anything else they might want to check out. Saved Google Maps work offline, so all they have to do is download the custom map to their phone ahead of time and they can still get step-by-step directions and use GPS without Wi-Fi or data. Super handy!