Jen’s approach to travel is centered on curating culturally immersive and intentional, bespoke vacations.

Dating back to college when she embarked upon a semester abroad, Jen has been fueled by the power of being immersed in a foreign destination, For this reason, she chose to spend a semester in Japan – a decision that ignited her lifelong passion for exploring the world. While the travel bug definitely bit Jen while overseas, she ultimately returned home to work in insurance and real estate. But, after a decade of number-crunching by day and dreaming up exhilarating itineraries by night, she knew she needed to follow her dream and share her wanderlust with others. Thus, Jen Terra Travels was born.

Since launching her company, Jen has become the go-to curator for luxury hotels and resorts, yachts, private aviation, fine dining, wine tasting forays, and more. With her refined aesthetic eye, she loves to impart her knowledge and research of fabulous locales around the globe. For Jen, leisure travel is not only a nice respite from routine but a fundamental part of human growth.

Which destination do you want to go back to?

Italy, always Italy. First, because it’s regionally and geographically dynamic, so it’s possible to have a totally unique experience time after time. But mostly, I simply can’t wait to indulge in all of the fresh and delicious food and wine. Next up: Puglia and the Dolomites!

What’s your most memorable travel experience?

It’s so difficult to choose, but my top three would include climbing Mt. Fuji, truffle hunting in Barolo, and witnessing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

Travel Tip

  • Instead of bouncing from one location to the next, try spending the majority of your trip in one destination. This will help you maintain a healthy balance of activity, adventure, and leisure time in your itinerary!