Jessica Horrell

4 Years of experience

Jessica’s passion for travel began at a young age.

Born to a Swedish father and Chinese mother (who was raised in Venezuela), Jessica’s diverse background has afforded her the opportunity to experience many corners of the world. Now that she has a family of her own, she hopes to be able to share those same types of memories and help others experience that same joy!

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

I look forward to visiting Ubud in Bali again. Ubud has the most breathtaking views, from its rice paddies to jungles; I can’t wait to do it all again!

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

My daughter, Elin, inspired me to become a travel agent. My hope is that by being at travel advisor, I can make showing her the world a priority for our family.

Travel Tip

  • Travel in a maxi and/or oversized scarf so that they double as a blanket!