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Jill Stone


Jill shaped her taste in travel over 25 years, working with well-known visionaries and tastemakers in the industry.

From hiking the jungle hillside in Costa Rica to a breathtaking view dining in Bali, Jill has an eye for authentic experiences, near and far. Shaping her expectations of travel and life is the unique access presented throughout her career in publishing, working with the world’s leading travel-centric magazines, including Travel + Leisure, Departures, and Food & Wine.  Traveling with editors and colleagues, and getting to know the world’s best hotels, resorts, and cruise lines, turned a fulfilling career into an exciting lifestyle.

Life is in the details, and Jill believes in creating the most memorable vacations for her clients. Finding the perfect blend of experiences and accommodations to satisfy travelers – from the sophisticated to the adventurer – has driven Jill’s travels and inspired her love for new journeys.

Well-known for spotting “the best” in the Caribbean, South America, and cruising, Jill is a trusted and inspiring resource for friends, family, and colleagues. Expanding her sphere of influence across the globe, Jill brings new insight from a unique vantage point in her role as a travel advisor.

Which destination is next on your list and why?

Africa is the country most revered by my favorite travel insiders – the culture, wildlife, landscapes, and countless opportunities for breathtaking photography – make this my #1 destination to see, now.

Favorite Travel Tip

Work with me to guide your dining experience as we plan your journey. Often the best restaurants – even an affordable breakfast favorite – can be booked well in advance. Let’s ensure you have a seat at the table!