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Jodie Sara

Experience17 Years

Jodie is more than your usual travel consultant, she is the ultimate travel stylist, who takes the time to get to know you – your individual needs, your tastes and your desires – to create your unique holiday experience, for those who appreciate experience, knowledge and the best possible advice.

Working as a travel stylist for over 14 years, Jodie’s professional experience builds on her genuine passion for travel, she is able to share personal experiences and knowledge with clients, and help them discover this amazing world.

Jodie has visited over 60 countries, from Gorilla trekking in the African jungle, cruising through the Caribbean to the pure luxury of overwater bungalows in Tahiti Jodie has done it all so if you want to start ticking off you bucket list with someone that has first-hand knowledge contact Jodie today.   The difference between booking your holiday through Jodie, as opposed to a regular travel agent, is that while most agents visit the product every few years, boutique operators pretty much live and breathe the destination they sell.