Joshua Kobasky

Boca Raton
7 Years of experience

Our taste buds aren’t all the same; why should our travel style be? Joshua is passionate about creating bespoke itineraries because as in all things life, there is no one size fits all!

A South Florida native, Joshua Kobasky didn’t always have the travel bug. It was after he met his wife, Allison, when an unknown passion for travel really developed. With the belief that remarkable adventures shouldn’t be limited to your honeymoon, Joshua and Allison began to travel to far-flung destinations every year. Their circle grew increasingly curious about the trips they took as a couple, so, it it wasn’t long before friends started asking for “custom Kobasky itineraries.” A few years later, Over the Moon Vacations was conceived. Today, Josh brings both personal experience and first-hand knowledge to every trip he puts together for his clients.

Tell us about your most memorable travel experience.

Allison and I honeymooned in Bali and it was absolutely magical. While in Ubud, we visited the famous Monkey Forest, spending the afternoon feeding and playing with the monkeys. At one point, one of them came to sit next to me where I fed him a banana. We had a really cute father-son-type moment that Allison almost captured on camera, except for a passersby walking through the shot. We really wanted to get the picture, though, so Allison told me to smile at the monkey and lock eyes. Apparently, this is a no-go; the monkey attacked and bit my arm! After fearing for my life and a few rabies shots later, we lived to tell this unforgettable (now laughable) experience. Plus, it’s a first-hand tip to share with our clients: no eye contact with the Balinese monkeys!

What inspired you to become a travel advisor?

I was inspired to become a travel agent because I didn’t want my own career to prevent Allison and I from seeing all the amazing places this world has to offer. Taking extended, lavish trips was difficult in my previous life as a young, up-and-coming lawyer. So, when we had the opportunity to start our own business, I never looked back. Specializing in honeymoons means we generally deal with happy couples excited to start their lives together with an amazing adventure; this joy is contagious and has honestly changed my entire outlook on life. I feel so fortunate to be a part of creating these lifelong memories for our clients.

Travel Tip

  • Let go and immerse yourself in the unknown. With travel, things are unpredictable, but you should let them be. It’s all part of the fun! Step out of your comfort zone and you're sure to make unforgettable memories.