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Kal Ruediger

Experience16 Years

For Kal, designing travel is the ultimate art form.

He understands it takes an inquisitive talent and a love for the intimate details to truly transform any trip into the ultimate travel experience.

Known as being the go-to for the latest in contemporary travel, his love for coastal escapes, urban discovery and design-inspired travel experiences means Kal knows the next exclusive locale well before it hits the pages of CondeNast.

Having spent the last decade working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, Kal’s experience with hoteliers across the globe means his clients benefit from the type of in-destination access only a personal relationship can provide.

Whilst personally managing the travel arrangements for some of the biggest names in politics, commerce and the creative industries, you’ll often find Kal travelling the globe to visit the latest client-favoured destinations to seek out the kind of authentic experiences you won’t find in any off-the-shelf travel guide.

Based between Sydney and Los Angeles, and frequently invited to attend the biggest travel trade shows across the globe including ITB and LE Miami, his talent for creating truly tailored travel experiences has garnered the fandom of his loyal client base.

What is your strategy to overcome jet lag?

Simple: keep hydrated, adjust to your new timezone as soon as you’re in the air and avoid alcohol at all costs when flying!

Favorite Travel Tip

Try and rise early, especially if you only have a short time in your destination. An early start means avoiding hordes of tourists, often having the place to yourself and making it much easier to have an authentic experience with locals. Mornings also happen to be the perfect time for taking photos as the light is soft and diffused, meaning you can capture gorgeous images to remember for years to come.