Kellie Moore

21 Years of experience

For Kellie, traveling is like tasting an unfamiliar, delectable food: once you take that first bite, you simply want more.

Her desire to see the world and experience its wonder firsthand — not through a picture, book or movie — is what drives her passion for travel. Kellie loves to immerse herself in culture, food and fashion, and learn as much as possible about every place she visits, and is driven to share that passion with her clients!

Growing up in Alabama, Kellie did not have the opportunity to experience travel. After graduating from college with a fashion degree, she headed to New York City, excited to discover both the city and the world. Soon, she was backpacking all through Europe in a state of awe. She knew then that travel would always be an important part of her life, and she considers it a privilege to share her knowledge of this world with fellow explorers.