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Kyle Seltzer

LocationNew York
Experience8 Years
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Kyle is a dreamer by nature. His passion for travel started at a young age and has continued since as a mode of self-discovery.

Trips to Berlin, Buzios, Montenegro, and Santorini stand out as highlights, but Kyle’s vast travel repertoire extends way beyond these experiences.

With more than ten years of experience in the hospitality industry, he has proven adept at providing products and services within the most exclusive environments, engaging clients to be a part of his journey, and delivering exceedingly exceptional results. His accomplishments are vast and diversified as he thrives on daily interpersonal relations with suppliers and clients, alike.

Kyle firmly believes that success is not an option without a strong brand identity, a cohesive work culture, and an inherent trust in each and every personal interaction. These are qualities that make him an invaluable asset to the SmartFlyer team.

Favorite Travel Tip

Don't take any situation too seriously.


Kyle Seltzer is my wife and I's one and only stop for any type of travel arrangements. He really does it all, from logistics to differentiated/curated local trip knowledge. With Kyle you just know you are getting the most for your money and you can rest easy knowing all the details of your journey are handled.-John Vreeland

Kyle and his team are the best of the best, and highly recommended! I've passed his info along to all of my friends, as he put together an amazing honeymoon for my wife and I. He put together a highly detailed itinerary, listened closely to all of my requests since day 1, and delivered 10-fold-Richard Rossi


2015, 2016, 2017 SmartFlyer One Top Producer


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Sveti Stefan, Montenegro


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