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Laura Connors

Experience2 Years

With a client-first mentality, Laura acts as an advocate for travelers to bring trips to life that inspire the senses, elevate the mind and enrich the spirit.

After fifteen years as a hairstylist, Laura found her calling as a taste-making concierge for her discerning clientele, ultimately deciding to become a travel advisor. Laura developed a passion for discovering the ultimate experiences over the course of more than a decade living in New York City; in turn, this translated into how to manage an indulgent and revitalizing escape. Not only is she an expert in what makes a grand hotel memorable, a faraway beach the best for sun-bathing, or which wine country is the ripest for sipping—her true gift is her ability to understand her clients’ needs and actualize them flawlessly.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

A self-proclaimed army brat, I was lucky enough to travel extensively as a teenager. A trip to Hong Kong really stands out as it sparked a deep fascination with Asia, tropical foliage, and glittering skylines.

Which destinations do you go back to again and again?

I find myself going back to Puerto Rico again and again. Whether you desire a super-luxe resort, a jungle hideaway, fascinating historical sites, or to enter total beach-bum mode, it’s all just a quick flight away with no passport required.

Favorite Travel Tip

No one ever regrets staying one more day!