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Laura Selmon

LocationNew York

From the green fields of Alabama to the friendly skies, learning to embrace life’s unexpected turns has become Laura’s favorite way to live.

Growing up in Alabama, the open fields, fried foods and friendly neighbors were really all Laura knew; and back then, those open, green fields felt so big. Then one day, she had the idea to expand her view of the world and become a flight attendant. It was through those experiences traveling to different states and countries that Laura realized while home is a beautiful place, there is so much more out there to explore. From people to meet, views to take in and food to eat (so much food!), she fell in love with travel.

Before Laura became a flight attendant, she was a stage actor performing on stage nearly every every night. She remembers doing a monologue from a piece taking place in Brazil and having to get into character, imagining the things she would see there. When her work as a flight attendant brought her to Brazil in real life, her breath was taken away by what she had experienced. Long story short, she caught the travel bug and with her role as the Office Manager at SmartFlyer, she is able to mix her passion for communication, organization and traveling into her dream role!

What is your most memorable travel experience?

As a child, we went on the same vacation ever year, up to Ohio to see my grandma and grandpa! You’d think that the same trip year after year would become mundane, but it’s quite the opposite. Some of my favorite memories are my parents, my brother and I all piling up in a car playing whatever silly game we could think of to occupy our time, singing to the radio until our faces turned blue and stopping at whatever mom and pop restaurant we could find along the way. I will forever cherish those memories.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

The perfect vacation day is not having any agenda at all, literally walking the streets to wherever they may take me. Breathing in the local scents, eating the cuisine at the family owned restaurant, making new friends with people who have lived there for years. All without planning any of these things to happen, but knowing full well that they would. Sometimes it’s nice to just take the days as they come and enjoy the unexpected.