Lauren Grubbs

Newport Beach
6 Years of experience

Lauren, a California native with a wealth of industry connections and knowledge of far-reaching destinations, specializes in designing exceptional experiences.

Growing up in a family that prioritized experiences above all else, Lauren’s perspective on the value of travel was instilled in her at a young age. However, her experiences living abroad in Rio de Janeiro and Florence firmly cemented her desire to always prioritize exploration and travel in her life. This ethos has carried over into Lauren’s own family, as she and her husband are raising their son to be a global citizen; he received his first passport stamp when he was just a few months old!

When it comes to travel planning, Lauren’s approach is highly personalized and high-touch from the very first phone call. Not only does she invest time in understanding her clients’ preferences and desires for their trips, but she also gets to know them personally, allowing her to thoughtfully plan every detail. Lauren goes above and beyond, taking care of every detail – reservations to booked-out dining hotspots, exclusive access to access to cultural experiences with a private guide, and destination-specific tips and recommendations – ensuring that her travelers can relax and enjoy the destination as soon as they touch down.

For Lauren, the most rewarding aspect of being a travel advisor is the opportunity to curate unforgettable moments for her clients, fostering enduring relationships along the way. Her strong rapport with her clients as an advisor allows her to offer even more tailored recommendations when she’s out and about, exploring and researching new destinations.

Which destinations or hotels do you go back to again and again? Why?

Italy! I love everything about it – from the delicious food and wine to the warm and friendly people, the beautiful coastal regions and magical cities, the charm, and the pursuit of la dolce vita. Italy is somewhere that I continue to return to and will never grow tired of. It is also a client favorite, making it the destination I book the most. I love returning to discover new regions, scout new hotels, and check out new restaurants and experiences to further tailor my recommendations. I hope to return in the upcoming year, and this time with my son to introduce him to my favorite place on earth.

What’s your strategy to overcome jet leg?

I don’t have a magic secret, but I do have some tips! The second you arrive at your destination embrace whatever time it currently is there. Don’t let yourself think about what time it is at home! If it’s daytime, try to stay up for the whole day. If it’s evening, have a nice dinner, and a glass of wine, and call it a night. I also always take a sleeping pill my first night or two to ensure I get a full night’s sleep and don’t wake up at 3am wide awake for the day. With a full night of sleep, I know I will wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy wherever I find myself!

Travel Tip

  • Traveling with babies and kids definitely requires a lot of extra work and patience. As a new mom with a year of traveling with my son under my belt, my biggest tip while traveling is to remove any expectations and go with the flow. If you love a schedule like me, this is much easier said than done, but I’ve found our best vacations have been those that I just let things happen and didn’t try to force a set itinerary. Let your child take the lead. And also don’t be discouraged from traveling with kiddos! The extra work and preparation is 100% worth it and so rewarding when you see their excitement and awe discovering somewhere new. These are the memories you cherish as a parent.