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Lindsay Tenukas

Experience4 Years
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It’s been said Lindsay Tenukas is not happy unless she’s planning a trip.

Her passion for travel and attention to detail make her a uniquely talented Travel Advisor. Lindsay uses her previous ten years of business experience to customize the most exquisite vacations for her clients.

Lindsay was born and raised in a charming New England town and has a true love for the East Coast. She has worked and lived in various locations, however, for the last ten years she has called Tampa, FL her home. Lindsay and her husband are raising their two beautiful and active children. If she’s not cheering her son on at hockey practice, she’s at the soccer field supporting her daughter. Lindsay is an avid runner who just completed her second half marathon. If she’s not entertaining friends at her home or reading a good book she’s travelling with her family she can be found anywhere from the mansions in Newport, RI to stunning Lake Como, Italy. Her favorite trip is going where she’s never been before.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

It had been awhile since I took a bucket list vacation. You tend to get caught up with day to day events and don’t take the time for yourself. But after taking a trip to Italy all of that changed. The trip was fantastic in more ways then one. Lake Como was magical and it made me yearn for more. I enjoyed everything about the trip. I knew I could make a career out of a passion. Everyone, deserves amazing travel experiences. When travelling there is nothing to lose and a great world to see and I am so happy to be able to offer that.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

My perfect vacation day starts with a cup of the local coffee or an espresso on the balcony. Then a little bit of exercise such as a hike at a recommended spot or a bike ride taking in the sights and scenery. Then I like to go back to the hotel and find the perfect spot to lounge read a good book and order a tasty lunch.

After soaking up the sun and taking a dip in the pool it’s typically time for dinner. I like to get ready for a night on the town, exploring and dining at a local hot spot. The perfect day includes some adventure, some relaxing and an awesome culinary experience and don’t forget the cocktails.


Favorite Travel Tip

The week leading up to a trip I hydrate, get lots of rest and eat a clean balanced diet. I like to start my vacation feeling fresh and rested.


2019 SmartFlyer Rising Star


Paris...pour la Première Fois