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Lindsey Woodcock

LocationLake Tahoe
Experience9 Years

Lindsey operates both her business and her life under the premise that a curious mind and an open heart are the best travel accessories.

Growing up in Sun Valley, Lindsey’s love for the mountains and all things adventure were in her blood from a young age. And while a small Idaho mountain town is ideal in many ways, she quickly learned that her deep curiosity for the world–its people and various cultures–would be a catalyst for not only her own personal travels but a lifelong career in the travel industry. The creativity, attention-to-detail, and personal touches are what keep Lindsey inspired to create perfectly curated, surprising, and memorable travels for her clients.

Lindsey’s zest for new experiences has led her around the world, from hiking in Northern Sweden to snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, to riding bikes through the hills of Italy, and enjoying the quiet moments of an early morning game drives on safari in Kenya. It’s the people she has met along the way, the cultures that have broadened her own perspective, and the everlasting memories created that continually reminder her how transformative travel can truly be.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

The perfect vacation day begins by waking up to the sound of crashing waves and heading out to my balcony with a hot cappuccino in my robe. After some caffeine and a light breakfast, I love to set out on a simple walk on the beach or challenge myself to a SUP fitness class or cardio tennis session. My deep connection to destinations comes from interactions with the locals and their culture, so I love to learn about the sustainability of the resort or area I’m in as I engage with the community and find an even deeper purpose while immersed in the destination.

Favorite Travel Tip

No matter how far you have traveled, and how jet-lagged you may be, I recommend hitting the pavement immediately upon arrival. Whether going on a quick run (always pack running shoes!) or simply wandering around your new surroundings, the fresh air, sights, and sounds will breathe new life and excitement into your adventure.