Lisa Gans

Westchester, NY
8 Years of experience

Lisa takes the time to listen to her clients’ needs and customize each itinerary to reflect their unique interests and expectations.

After receiving her JD from Georgetown University Law School, she practiced securities law in New York City for six years. Lisa stopped working as a lawyer after having children, but after a few years away from work, she was inspired to make a career change. Lisa has always been passionate about travel and loved researching trips for herself,  family and friends; it was actually her own travel agent who encouraged Lisa to pursue a career in travel back in 2016! She’s loved every day of this career pivot since.

Lisa believes that the most important part of planning a trip is to listen to your clients; no two travelers are exactly alike, and she often finds that itineraries to the same destination will be completely different due to the clients’ varied desires and expectations. This is part of what makes the job so exciting for her–before beginning any trip planning, Lisa tries to get a sense of what the client wants to get out of the trip. Is it an active client who wants to be busy all day? Or a client who likes to relax? Over time, she gets to know her clients’ personalities and interests which helps her create their version of the perfect trip.

How do you prepare for your trips?

My husband and I love to explore cities on foot, so before traveling, I often use Google Maps to get a sense of the area around my hotel. I also research my destination’s culture. Some countries eat dinner very late and the last thing you want to do is make an early dinner reservation and be the only patron in the restaurant! But it’s also nice to head to a city with no agenda. I love to walk all day and talk to the residents to learn about local restaurants, shopping, and activities. These are the small hints that I am able to pass on to my clients after I return.

Which destinations do you go back to again and again? Why?

My favorite destination in the world is Italy. La dolce vita is all about soaking up the food, history, and culture of Italy’s varied regions. I usually start out in a city like Rome or Milan and then head to one of the coastal areas like Amalfi, Puglia, or Forte Dei Marmi. My favorite hotel on the Amalfi Coast is the Hotel Il San Pietro di Positano. The hotel has such a rich history and there is nothing better than sitting on the terrace as the sun is setting eating the locally grown almonds and olives while drinking a Bellini with friends. Hotel tip: if you are adventurous enough, you can actually swim to Da Adolfo restaurant for lunch. Just be careful of the jellyfish!

Travel Tip

  • Use packing cubes to pack your suitcase. Whether you are on a multi-city trip or simply traveling with kids to the beach, you can organize stops (or family members!) by color-coded cubes.