Liz Foster

2 Years of experience

With an eye for detail coupled with a  passion for culture, food, and the finer things in life, Liz lends her talents and tastes to crafting tailor-made travel itineraries for her clients.

Not long after graduating from UCLA with a BA in Business and Economics, Liz took a leap of faith and moved to Tokyo with her husband (then-boyfriend) to work for a multibillion-dollar global technology company. During this adventure, she learned about Japan’s rich history and vibrant culture from locals and fellow ex-pats, making lifelong friends along the way. Having lived in Japan for several years, Liz knows firsthand how enriching and exciting immersing oneself in a different culture and environment can be. She had the opportunity to travel and explore much of Asia while there, visiting Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

After a successful career as a Finance and HR executive, Liz was fortunate enough to take a few years off to focus on raising her two children and spending more time with her family. This period included traveling extensively and sharing a variety of new and exciting experiences, which ultimately led her to foray into the world of travel as an advisor.

With a passport now filled with stamps from all around Asia, Europe, Australia, Mexico, and the Caribbean, Liz believes in the power of first-hand recommendations. But one of her favorite aspects of being a travel advisor is the constantly changing nature of the travel landscape; she is constantly researching and scouting the world’s most desirable destinations, resorts, and experiences. Her mission is to ensure her clients have the most unforgettable trips, no matter where their next adventure may take them.

What has been your most memorable travel experience to date?

It’s a tough call – (pre-kids) living in Tokyo and spending every weekend like a tourist was such a beloved pastime. Tokyo is perfect in every way. It’s clean, efficient, brimming with kind people, fascinating culture, storied traditions, delicious food, and sensational shopping. Every turn on every corner delivers something spectacular.

My other favorite experiences have been revisiting Paris and London during the festive season with kids in tow! It was so special to see both cities light up and feel vibrant and alive, with the kids there to enjoy it with us. There was something for everyone – history, culture, amazing food, shopping, and just the pure pleasure of walking through the streets to see the holiday decor. One of our favorite family experiences was the retro sidecar tour on New Year’s Eve in Paris.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

Any vacation day that includes my family is perfect. However, I prefer to have only a couple of scheduled activities per trip. For me, a vacation is a time to disconnect, relax, and appreciate our surroundings with those we love. Every day of our lives is so scheduled that it is nice to explore and wander and act like a local. Many times, that is how we find our favorite places to eat and sites that I then pass on to my clients!

Travel Tip

  • Pack your patience. Stuff happens. As much of a perfectionist as I can be, sometimes this is a struggle for me but you must roll with the punches and remember to treat everyone with kindness.