Lois Housel

51 Years of experience

At eighteen, an invitation came from a friend to visit relatives in Hawaii. That was followed by a multi country family trip to Europe, both of which led to a greater desire to experience more of the world.

Lois was attending Music School, but realized that she had a greater passion for travel.  She began working with American Airlines and after 29 years and the events of 9/11,  she jettisoned herself into becoming a full-fledged Travel Consultant. Her knowledge of the airlines provided a great foundation for this and over the  last 15 years she’s refined her skills for both land and air travel.

Planning multi stop domestic or international itineraries matched with traditional or bespoke ground arrangements is a regular part of her day.  Each client’s individual needs and personalities are top priority when it comes to helping them experience the world.  Travel can often be hectic but Lois loves to diminish her clients stress and find solutions to the unexpected problems that might occur before, during and even after a trip. 

Where have you travelled that you enjoyed most?

I’ve actually never been anywhere that I didn’t like! Morocco and Kenya were a couple of my favorites. I also had the joy of exploring Panama ,Bermuda, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Egypt and most of western Europe.

Travel Tip

  • If you are traveling outside of the US, don’t go without Global Entry. It’s worth every penny.