Mary Jane Kirkpatrick


With passport stamps from thirty-five countries (and counting) across five continents, embracing active, experiential journeys empowers Mary Jane to immerse herself in new cultures, and in turn, help inform her clients’ travels around the world.

Mary Jane has long been a proponent of the benefits of booking with a travel advisor — prior to becoming an agent herself, Mary Jane has been a client of SmartFlyer for over a decade. With a bachelor’s degree from SMU and an MBA from Vanderbilt University, Mary Jane joined the M. Fuller Luxe Travel team, an affiliate of SmartFlyer, with a background in finance and a keen eye for detail.

She relishes the opportunity to craft remarkable experiences for clients akin to those her family has cherished over the years. Understanding the complexity of travel first-hand, she takes pleasure in guiding clients through consideration of all crucial details to guarantee a seamless travel experience. Embracing the challenge of itinerary planning, Mary Jane finds nothing more rewarding than receiving client feedback, which empowers her to continually refine recommendations for future trips based on each traveler’s personal taste.

When she is not globetrotting, Mary Jane enjoys pursuits closer to home. She is a lifelong equestrian and still actively competes – she was captain of the 1993 and 1997 US World Cup Saddlebred team and is a 19-time Saddlebred World Champion. Mary Jane has been married for 18 years and has two teenage daughters. Mary Jane is on the Board of The Alliance Theater, the Advisory Board with Christian City, and an American Saddlebred Board Member, and she has an active role in her daughters’ schools.

What has been your most memorable travel experience to date?

African safari marked our family’s most awe-inspiring moments because we got to cherish the magnitude of nature together. We had thrilling animal encounters, soared above the nature reserves in Helicopters, and witnessed village life in the marketplaces and schools in Africa.

Which destinations or hotels do you go back to again and again? Why?

I always return to Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts due to the consistency across the brand. Each hotel has unique features but always provides unmatched service with a smile. Their teams are always a pleasure, and they have one of the best beds, making them comfortable home-away-from-homes!

Travel Tip

  • Organization is key; review your itinerary and ask questions before you take off on your flight.