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Meg Dube

Experience5 Years

Whether traveling the world solo or with a large group, Meg realized early on that experiences are far more valuable than material things.

Meeting new people from across the globe and exploring a myriad of cultures has always been what drives Meg to plan for the next vacation or adventure. After an opportunity to take a year-long sabbatical and travel the globe alone, she realized this was her true calling.
Nothing excites Meg more than curating experiences for her clients that are as unique and memorable as they are. Meg ensures the little touches will go above and beyond to set her destination planning apart from the rest.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Traveling throughout Japan alone. No one in Japan attempts to speak English unless they’ve perfected it, so most don’t try, and I do not speak Japanese. By way of Google Translate, I managed to make tons of friends throughout my journey. Locals showed me secret restaurants and clubs, speakeasies with no name out front and late night spots that are definitely not in any tour book or online. The most welcoming, hip, kind residents of a country I have ever met. And the food! I can’t even discuss it or I’ll burst into to tears it’s so good.

Which destinations / hotels do you go back to again and again? Why?

Aman hotels have a certain magic about them. They have the inside track on everything that is indigenous to the area the resort is in, without taking anything away from the environment, only adding. Each location is completely different but an overall sense of Aman perfection. All the employees are excited and happy to show you their destination and why it’s special. Once you get a taste of Aman, there’s no looking back.

Favorite Travel Tip

I prefer traveling with a large malleable duffel that can turn into a backpack - you never know when there will be minimal overhead space, if any, or get stuck navigating cobblestone streets with a rolling bag.


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