Melissa believes travel is an opportunity to learn, it allows you to experience different cultures, different ways of life, different beliefs, languages and traditions. 

Melissa brings a collaborative, bespoke approach to travel planning.  She specializes in evaluating, personalizing, and planning clients’ travel experiences based on her extensive destination knowledge, understanding of global travel trends, and personal relationships with industry suppliers.  Melissa’s definition of luxury travel means a five-star accommodation, but also includes the best “hole in the wall” local restaurant, a table at the hottest club, and custom touring that is tailored to her client’s personal interests and desires. 

Equally comfortable in a 3 star Michelin restaurant, hiking in the Rocky Mountains or spending the weekend at a music festival, Melissa constantly travels the world in search of the best experiences for her clients. 

Travel Tip

  • Create a custom “Travel First Aid Kit” and keep it in your suitcase. The kit should include items like: Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, Cold Meds, Upset Stomach relief meds, alcohol prep pads, assorted bandages, Neosporin and two photocopies of your passport.